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Allied Medical is proud to have been Bodypoint’s distributor in New Zealand since 2021. We value working with a like-minded, innovative company to create better connections between wheelchairs and the people who use them. As the exclusive distributor, ordering Bodypoint products directly from us is the most cost-effective option, and as we hold a range of products in stock, offering fast positioning solutions.

Bodypoint's History

Founded in the early 1990s by a team passionate about improving the lives of wheelchair users, Bodypoint has consistently focused on quality and innovation. They are known for their rigorous testing and commitment to exceeding industry standards, ensuring each product delivers reliability and durability. Bodypoint’s history is a testament to their dedication to enhancing mobility through superior engineering and user-centered design.

"At Bodypoint, we work every day to better understand the capabilities and aspirations of people who use wheelchairs. As we imagine, design and manufacture our products, we strive to bridge the gap between the hard and the soft, the inanimate and the living, to create a better connection between wheelchairs and people." - David Hintzman, Co-Founder

Bodypoint's Values

Precision: If it doesn't adjust easily, grip securely, hold up to use or snug up just right, it doesn't earn our name.

Knowledge: We combine our understanding of postural support with expertise in materials and design to better connect people with their wheelchairs. You should ride in, not on a chair.

Advocacy: We share education, tools and techniques that can transform lives, and advocate for policies that support users' access to appropriate mobility devices and postural support.

Design: People use our products to reach further, stretch higher and achieve more. Thoughtful, minimalist yet mobility-enabling design matters to our customers. So it matters to us.

Empowerment: Besides asking, “Does it work?” we ask, “Does it help?”

Design and Manufacturing

Bodypoint products are all designed and manufactured in Seattle, USA and made for optimal fit, function, durability, comfort and safety

Quality Assurance

At Bodypoint, each part and material, no matter how small, is carefully selected for maximum performance or made to exacting specifications. What does this mean? Anatomically-contoured shapes that increase user function and encourage regular use by remaining comfortable for all-day wear. Padded materials that won't over-stretch. Webbing that resists slipping. Stitching that doesn't pull out. Soft postural supports that can be machine washed, time and again, without fraying or falling apart. And strong, low profile hardware that provides reliable mounting options for a wide range of users and mobility products.

Testing of Bodypoint Products

When it comes to safety and performance, Bodypoint are the only postural support line known to test each model sold, to all applicable third-party standards (including ISO, CEN, and ANSI/ RESNA) for properties such as strength, flammability, and cytotoxicity. The quality management system guiding the manufacturing and business processes is certified as conforming with ISO 9001: 2015 and Bodypoint continues to collaborate with other industry leaders around the world to revise existing standards and establish new ones to ensure all wheelchair users can be confident in the products they use and wear.

Popular Bodypoint Products

Bodypoint Hip Belt 2 Point Centre Pull - Push Button
Engineered for ease of use, this hip belt features a center-pull design with a push-button release, facilitating easy adjustments and secure, comfortable fittings for the user.

Bodypoint Aeromesh Rapid-Dry Bath Belt, One-Piece with Slides
Specially designed for aquatic use, this one-piece bath belt features a rapid-dry material and is equipped with slides for easy adjustment, providing secure and comfortable support in wet conditions.

Bodypoint Stayflex Anterior Trunk Support Flat Mount
The Stayflex support offers enhanced torso stability without restricting the user’s freedom of movement, thanks to its thoughtful design and the use of high-quality, durable materials.

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