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Ki Mobility

Ki Mobility

Allied Medical is thrilled to have partnered with Ki Mobility since 2019. As a trailblazer in the mobility aid industry, Ki Mobility is synonymous with innovation, quality, and design excellence, crafting wheelchairs that empower users to explore their world with confidence and comfort.

Ki Mobility's History

Established in 2005 by Doug Munsey and Murray Slagerman, Ki Mobility has consistently pushed the boundaries of what is possible in mobility technology. With a foundation built on over 50 years of combined experience in the complex rehab industry, Ki Mobility excels in creating cutting-edge wheelchairs that combine functionality with sleek, modern designs.

Ki Mobility's Core Values and Commitment

Ki Mobility is built on a bedrock of core values that focus on innovative design leading to functional products that enhance lives. Relationships are at the heart of their operations, emphasising a multifaceted connection with customers, clinicians, and end-users to improve their products continuously.

Better by Design

Not just our tagline, it’s in everything we do whether it’s our customer service, quality, website or our product – we strive to be better.

Ki Mobility’s Core Beliefs

We Build It Better: Innovative design translates into functional, superior wheelchairs that enhance agility, durability, and life quality.

Relationships are Not One-Dimensional: We deeply value our multifaceted relationships across all touchpoints—from design to end-use—to enhance our service and understanding.

It's a Trust Thing: Our comprehensive service, integral to our product, is designed for a lifetime of optimal product experience.

Finding the Right Fit: Each wheelchair is tailored to perfectly match the user's lifestyle and aspirations, ensuring personalisation at its best.

Remain within Reach: Accessibility and availability define our operations, ensuring support is always at hand for professionals and end-users alike.


Popular Ki Mobility Products

Ultra-Lightweight Catalyst 5
The Catalyst 5Vx stands out as a lightweight, foldable wheelchair designed for individuals seeking a blend of performance and portability. Its unique construction offers durability and adaptability, catering to various user needs while ensuring comfort and ease of mobility.
Ultra-lightweight Little Wave Flip XP
Tailored for children, the Little Wave Flip combines innovative design with a playful, yet functional approach to pediatric mobility. This wheelchair not only supports children's physical needs but also grows with them, embodying flexibility and ease of use for both kids and caregivers.
Ultra-lightweight Liberty FT
A standout in the ultra-lightweight category, the Liberty FT combines the performance benefits of rigid frames with the convenience of a folding wheelchair. This design incorporates advanced materials and thoughtful engineering to provide users with an unmatched blend of mobility, strength, and versatility.

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Our partnership with Ki Mobility extends beyond the products. It's a mutual dedication to service and support, ensuring that every individual's journey towards mobility is met with expertise, care, and understanding. Together, we are not just distributing mobility solutions; we are changing lives, one innovative product at a time.