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Karma Medical

Karma Medical

Allied Medical has been in partnership with Karma Medical since 1999, marking over two decades of delivering exceptional mobility solutions to New Zealanders. Our journey began with the KM8000 series wheelchair, and today we continue to supply over 1500 Karma wheelchairs across Aotearoa every year.   Karma has worked with our team to develop products and features that meet the specific needs of our customers – and are very open to feedback and ideas on how to improve their products to make a better customer experience.


Karma Medical's History

Karma Medical was founded by Kenny Chen in 1987 after he witnessed a woman struggling with a cumbersome wheelchair in Taipei. Moved by the incident, Chen, equipped with a background in industrial engineering, launched Karma to create more user-friendly wheelchairs. His dedication to innovation has led to numerous patents and expanded Karma into a global brand across 40 countries. Chen's vision was fuelled by a commitment to enhance mobility with compassion, striving to improve lives worldwide.


Karma Medical's Mission

Through depth understandings of users’ needs, and following KARMA FIT, develop assistive products to facilitate the caregiving process and bring independence to users and their families allowing them to achieve a life of possibilities.

Karma Medical's Name

While in New Zealand, the word Karma may have different meanings for different people, however Karma have named their business following their Taiwanese beliefs:

"We named ourselves Karma because we want to bring positive energy into the lives of all Karma wheelchair users. We understand that losing mobility is a scary life challenge, but as long as we strive and spread positive energy, we will overcome our challenges. We believe hard work and a positive attitude will bring good things."

Popular Karma Products

Karma Flexx Self-Propelling Wheelchair

Our most popular manual wheelchair sold throughout New Zealand, the Karma Flexx is designed with plenty of adjustments to create flexible sitting to fit individual needs.


KP25.2 Powerchair

The KP25.2 powered wheelchair is known for its adaptability and lightweight design, making it a preferred choice for users seeking comfort and maneuverability.

Karma BT10 Bariatric Wheelchair

Robust and designed to accommodate a higher weight capacity, providing durability and style with enhanced comfort for larger users.

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