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Leckey  |  SKU: LKLHZ/1/198-BB-EUR

Leckey Horizon Prone | Supine Stander

A robust, durable 3-in-1 stander available in three sizes. The size 3 Horizon has been designed with the larger teen or adult client in mind and has a maximum weight limit of 100kg as well as wider hip pad and chest lateral distances.

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This powered stander provides gradual, appropriate weight-bearing support for children aged between 4 through to adults in either prone, supine or upright positions. The open design is both non-threatening and also provides easy access for both hoists and wheelchairs.

The individually adjustable chest, hip and knee pads along with the footplates, provide unsurpassed levels of adjustability for proximal positioning - making the Horizon ideal for more complex users or adults who have not benefitted from standing therapy for some time.

With the inclusion of a conversion kit, the Horizon Stander offers 90 degrees of adjustment from horizontal to a freestanding position in both prone and supine positions.

The Horizon Stander can be converted from supine to prone in three easy steps:

  1. Remove the headrest
  2. Swap the supine tray for the prone tray
  3. Reverse the sandals

Colour availability

Please note we offer the following sizes and colours for trial

  • Size 1 and 2 - Blue
  • Size 3 - Grey

Grey, Blue, Green and Pink can be ordered in all sizes for purchase.


Product Size Size 1 Size 2 Size 3
Approx Age Range 4 - 10 8 - 14 14 - Adult
User Weight Limit 50 kg 80 kg 100 kg
Upright Yes Yes Yes
Supine Yes Yes Yes
Prone (Angle Adjustable) 90 deg to vertical 90 deg to vertical 90 deg to vertical
Wheeled Yes Yes Yes
Height Adjustable Yes Yes Yes
Total Product Height 1000 mm (39.4") - 1400 mm (55.1") 1400 mm (55.1") - 1800 mm (70.9") 1550 mm (61") - 1800 mm (70.9")
Chest Plate Height 1000 mm - 1400 mm 1400 mm - 1800 mm 1550 mm - 1800 mm (user height)
Width Between Chest Laterals 200 mm (7.9") - 300 mm (11.8") 240 mm (9.4") - 380 mm (17.9") 340 mm (13.4") - 460 mm (18.1")
Base Length 1135 mm 1280 mm 1280 mm
Base Width 580 mm 640 mm 740 mm
Tray Size 420 mm x 440 mm 520 mm x 590 mm 520 mm x 590 mm
Wipeable Padding Yes Yes Yes
Removable Padding No No No
Warranty 3 years | 1 year for electrics 3 years | 1 year for electrics 3 years | 1 year for electrics


  • Height and width adjustable flexible laterals
  • Adjustable head support in supine
  • Height adjustable padded back and chest support
  • Multi-positional hip plate provides optimal positioning in prone or supine position
  • Independently adjustable knee cups with depth and angle adjustment and front knee support
  • Multi adjustable sandals
  • Hand held, easy to use controls for the powered tilt mechanism
  • Footplate can be angled to accommodate plantarflexion and dorsiflexion
  • Height and angle adjustable activity tray
  • Four lockable swivel castors


What is the hip/leg abduction on the Horizon Stander?

As this product is not a true abduction stander, it can allow for approximately 10 degrees of abduction standing. In order to achieve this, move the knee cups and sandals out to their widest pint. 

There are no longer prone belts on the Leckey Horizon Stander script. What should be scripted for the prone position?

For prone you will need to script the correct sized hip lateral instead of a prone hip belt.

Can Leckey products be wiped down with V Wipes?

These are safe to use on metal and plastic parts, but recommend you don't use them on harnesses or cloth coverings.

What are the differences between the Leckey Ankle Huggers and the Ankle Wraps?

From a Clinical perspective, there is no significant functional difference between these two options. Differences are largely aesthetic and personal choice of the user and their families.

Ankle Huggers may be more practical when other footwear ie. AFOs, Orthotic boots is required. The ankle wraps can fit onto Leckey sandals for a more uniform appearance.

Can Stealth Headrests be used on Leckey Products?

Yes, they be attached the Leckey Horizon Stander and the Leckey MyGo Stander. Please chat to your Technical Product Specialist or call us on 0800 31 61 81 for more information.



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Great service and prompt replies from Kat to emails. Love working with the team.

Briar Day

Occupational Therapist

Very quick to reply to my questions.

Diane Taylor

Online Customer

Thank you for your prompt delivery. Very satisfied with the item I ordered. 

Marj Jones

Online Customer

Very thrilled with the service and also the prompt delivery of the item I purchased. I would highly recommend this company.

Doreen and Alec Olsen

Online Customer

Jill was fantastic with my client and her mum. She gave us good information and suggestions for moving forwards.

Lucie Hartfield

Occupational Therapist