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Ki Mobility  |  SKU: KIROGUE2018STDNAVY

Ki Mobility Ultra-Lightweight Rogue

The style and superior design of Rogue is the perfect balance of performance, functionality and self-expression. Developed to fit any lifestyle, every element of the chair has been enhanced to provide you with an optimal experience, wherever you go.

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New design, effortless adjustments, enhanced strength and the durability expected from the most seasoned riders - with NO change to weight.

Each chair is manufactured and customised to fit each individual.

Key Features

  • Wing Design: The wings are designed to get you as close as possible to where you’re going and what you need. Available with an Optimised position to minimise the chairs footprint or an Expanded position that maximises stability.
  • The intuitive Caster Angle Adjustment System makes it easy to get perfect alignment at any seat angle, while the corrosion resistant components protect your chair from the elements.
  • Back Angle Adjustment: Adjusting the backrest has never been easier. Using one tool and no disassembly, change the backrest angle with the rider in the chair. Simply insert your allen key and rotate.
  • Go from your selected back angle to a +4° or +9° relax position providing just enough recline to adjust clothing or simply relax.
  • Smooth Transitions: Limit damage to clothes and vehicles. Our camber tube clamp design provides a smooth transition across your body while loading your chair into a vehicle.
  • Easy to optimise: The indexed rear seat height adjustment is quick, easy and requires no disassembly. Loosen the fasteners on each side and select the position you want. The indexed positions will give you accurate alignment every time.
  • Dimple Track: Ki’s patented dimple track provides exceptional guidance and grab. Only Ki Rigid Wheelchairs ensure you stay square when you set your center of gravity position.
  • V Frame Taper: Customize the front end to be just right for the Rider with a 3.5° or 7° angle from seat to footrest.
  • User Activated Anti-Tips: Ergonomic rubberised grip makes putting the anti-tips into any of the three achievable positions effortless. While seated, flip the anti-tips up or into the in-use position. To minimise chair size for transfers simply move the anti-tip into the "stow" position. Available in pairs or singles with a left or right mount option.
  • Maxx Mag: The new standard mag is lighter, more rigid and looks great in any of our 21 color options. Maxx Mag is exclusively available on Ki products and is available in 20”, 22” and 24”.

Please note: We are transitioning from the original Rogue 10 to the Rogue2 and some clients may be supplied the original Rogue when stock is available and additional Rogue2 features are not required.

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Seat Width 12" - 20"
Seat Depth 14" - 20"
Foldable No
Tilt-in-Space No
Recline No
Minimum Seat to Floor Height 13.5" - 20.5"
User Weight Limit 124.7 kg
Transport Weight 4.8 kg (16"x16" Frame, Short Backrest Height, 4" Poly Casters, Tubular Open Footplate. Rear Wheels Removed)
Rear Wheel Size 20", 22", 24"
Castor Size 3'' - 8''


How do you fold/unfold a manual wheelchair?

The easiest way is to lift up under the centre of the wheelchair seat upholstery. To unfold, tilt slightly to one side, and press down on one or both seat rails keeping fingers and hands clear of any moving parts. Some wheelchairs may fold up differently, so it is best to refer to the user manual to learn how this can be done.

How do you know what size wheelchair is right?

It is important that the wheelchair fits well enough, that it is comfortable and that it is not likely to press on any part of the body, with the potential of creating pressure areas.

To ensure the right fit, the following measurements are needed of the wheelchair user:

  1. The measurement from the bottom to the shoulder (taken when sitting)
  2. The measurement from the back of the bottom to the back of the knee.
  3. The measurement from behind the knee to the heel (taken when sitting).
  4. The widest measurement of the backside when seated.
  5. As different wheelchairs have different user weight limits, it’s important to know the weight of the wheelchair user.

If it’s hard to get all these measurements, there are a couple of simple things that can be done to make sure the wheelchair fits okay:

  • Is there enough room to slide a hand down between the armrest and the thigh? If this is not possible, a larger size needs to be tried.
  • Can two fingers side by side be put behind the knee before hitting the seat upholstery? If not, then a wheelchair with a longer seat depth is needed.

Why are legrests that swingaway needed?

If the legrests swing away, the wheelchair can get closer to an object that is being transferred onto. They also make it easier for a hoist or piece of equipment used to help transfer a wheelchair user, get closer to the wheelchair, making the transfer easier and safer.

Can the legrest length be adjusted?

The position of the footplate can easily be adjusted to fit the individual's leg length. To alter the length, simply loosen the bolt under the end of the legrest, adjusting the footplate in and out to achieve the desired position, and then re-tightening the bolt securely.

The footplate should be adjusted to support the weight of the foot and lower leg in such a position that permits the weight to be bared by the thighs. If the legrest is too long, the user will have a line of pressure under the thigh, at the front of the seat upholstery. If the legrest is too short, the knees will be too high and too much pressure will be on the buttocks.

Ideally the user's knees and hips should be at the same angle.

Why are anti-tippers important?

Anti-tippers are designed to stop the wheelchair from tipping backwards when the wheelchair is going up an incline. While some antitippers are removable, Allied Medical does not recommend the removal of these - they are a safety feature on the wheelchair and should be used at all times.

What is the ideal height for the backrest?

Ideally you want to have the back upholstery end just under the shoulder blade. Sometimes carers like to have the push canes higher to make it easier for them to push, but be careful in raising them up too high as this can often stop the users being able to self-propel easily. An adjustable height backrest is an idea especially if a wheelchair cushion hasn’t been decided on yet.

What are the benefits of height adjustable armrests?

As we are all different sizes, and choose to sit on different height cushions, height adjustment is important. By being able to adjust the height of the armrests getting under a table is more accessible, or if a tray is being used, the tray can be at a serviceable height. Proper armrest height is very important as it can prevent shoulder problems. Ideally an armrest that is correctly adjusted will support forearms with the elbows at 90 degrees and the shoulders will be level.

Do you ever have second hand wheelchairs?

As Allied Medical is an importer, we only stock new wheelchairs. However, from time to time we do have wheelchairs that are ex-demo and may have some minor paintwork damage. We are happy to sell these at a reduced cost but with the same warranties. This is a good way of getting a great wheelchair at a price that is a little easier on the pocket.

If you want a second hand wheelchair, try looking on Trade Me or visit ourStockist Locatorpage as they may have some available.

What maintenance does the wheelchair need?

Most wheelchairs come with a basic instruction manual which outlines any specific regular maintenance that is required to that model.

In general, it is a good idea to check the following on a monthly basis:

  • If the wheelchair has pneumatic tyres on it, check that the air pressure in the tyres is correct – the correct pressure is indicated on the side of the tyre
  • Check that the axle housing is free from dirt, hair and mud. Clean any dirt or hair that has gathered around the axles – the wheels should spin freely
  • Check that the castors run smoothly – make sure there is no hair, fluff or grit in the castors
  • Check that the brakes hold the tyre firmly in place and are easy to put on and off

Check that the nuts and bolts are all tight and secure

Other words of advice when choosing a wheelchair.

Try as many as you can – visit one of our Dealers who will hold several different models in stock so you can go and compare them there. Dealer staff are trained to assist people to find the right size wheelchair for you within your price range.



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Aluminium Straight Side Guards

Aluminium Straight Side Guards

When a little more support is needed, this is a great option. These easily removable side guards are lightweight and attractive, and help keep road grime away from the rider. Comes standard in a matte black finish or for added personalization can be painted to match any frame colour.

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