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Leckey BeMe

The infinitely configurable BeMe from Leckey, is a revolutionary seating system that puts a child’s development and independence at the heart of its design. Building on decades of Leckey clinical and design expertise and responding to detailed feedback from therapists and carers, BeMe is a highly personalised seating system available in three sizes and spec’d to perfection.

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BeMe is designed to suit every need with its choice of three seat options: contoured, basic and split, three back supports: basic, moderate and complex and its vast range of accessories. Regardless of age, size or complexity, BeMe has the perfect match. BeMe’s infinite configurability makes it simple to achieve the perfect fit for each child, regardless of need or complexity.

What we love about the Leckey BeMe

BeMe’s infinite configurability makes it simple to achieve the perfect fit for each child, regardless of need or complexity. At the heart of BeMe, is the seat core, from which a range of interchangeable parts (including seats, back supports, medial, lateral, proximal and distal supports) can be quickly and easily fitted. Every part is available in different sizes and complexities and can be used on any size of BeMe.

It’s surprisingly simple to find the perfect fit with BeMe as it's cleverly designed so that you can configure the right support quickly and easily.
Configuring BeMe is a snap as parts can be easily and intuitively interchanged. Clinical adjustments, including seat depth and back height, can be
made while the child is seated and armrests, femoral guides and pommels can be quickly released making transfers easier than ever.

Growable Cushion
BeMe’s genuinely growable cushion, with high-stretch foam and fabric, is contoured to maximise pelvic stability and comfort as the child grows and develops. This breakthrough in support technology envelopes the child for immersive, comfortable positioning, improving pressure distribution and enhancing function. 

By reducing the need for hardware like pommels, and hip guides, BeMe allows the child to take centre stage without compromising support.

Helping Children Shine
BeMe’s child-centred ethos promotes practicality and function in day-to-day activities such as. playing, eating and learning, to encourage confidence, independence and inclusivity. 

Promoting inclusivity in all day-today activities through good posture, BeMe encourages confidence and independence - empowering a child’s beaming smile to shine through.

Click here to watch a full Leckey BeMe Tutorial.


Additional Specs

Product Size Small Medium Large Medium Long Large Long
Seat Width Maximum (No Hip Guides) 275mm  325mm 415mm 325mm 415mm
Seat Width Minimum (Contoured) 250mm 300mm 400mm 300mm 400mm
Femoral Width on Split Seat N/A  90mm - 125mm 110mm - 160mm 90mm - 125mm 110mm - 160mm
Back Height with Contoured Seat 370mm - 480mm 400mm - 530mm 475mm - 625mm NA NA
Hip Guide Width 165mm - 230mm 200mm - 260mm 250mm - 350mm NA NA
Lower Leg length with Basic/Split Seat 185mm - 285mm 280mm - 450mm 290mm - 510mm NA NA
Lower Leg length with Contoured Seat  185mm - 285mm 290mm - 460mm 300mm - 520mm NA NA
Maximum Dorsiflexion/Plantarflexion +/- 10 degrees  +/- 10 degrees  +/- 10 degrees  NA NA



Sizing Small Medium Large Medium Long Large Long
Seat Depth 170mm - 325mm 300mm - 425mm 360mm - 500mm 350mm - 475mm 410mm - 550mm
User Weight Limit 35kg 50kg 70kg 50kg 70kg
Back Height 360mm - 470mm 390mm - 520mm 500mm - 650mm NA NA
Width Between Chest Laterals 130mm - 230mm 200mm - 300mm 225mm - 350mm NA NA
Backrest Angle +10 to -25 +10 to -25 +10 to -25 NA NA
User Weight Limit 35kg 50kg 70kg NA NA


  • The ultimate level of tailored support to suit individual needs.
  • World’s first truly growable contoured cushion with high-stretch foam and fabric, to maximise pelvic stability as the child grows and develops.
  • Spec’d to perfection to provide individualised posture, function and comfort without compromise.
  • Interchangeable parts (including seats, back supports, medial, lateral, proximal and distal supports), click and switch with total ease. 
  • The dynamic backrest is air pressure controlled which regulates resistance as the child extends and is speed adjustable. 
  • Patented pelvic cradle provides unsurpassed pelvic control. 
  • Slim-line laterals. 
  • Available for trial in blue. Other colours may be available for purchase by special request.


Can Leckey products be wiped down with V Wipes?

These are safe to use on metal and plastic parts, but recommend you don't use them on harnesses or cloth coverings.

Can Stealth Headrests be used on Leckey Products?

Yes, they be attached the Leckey Horizon Stander and the Leckey MyGo Stander. Please chat to your Technical Product Specialist or call us on 0800 31 61 81 for more information.



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Great service and prompt replies from Kat to emails. Love working with the team.

Briar Day

Occupational Therapist

Very quick to reply to my questions.

Diane Taylor

Online Customer

Thank you for your prompt delivery. Very satisfied with the item I ordered. 

Marj Jones

Online Customer

Very thrilled with the service and also the prompt delivery of the item I purchased. I would highly recommend this company.

Doreen and Alec Olsen

Online Customer

Jill was fantastic with my client and her mum. She gave us good information and suggestions for moving forwards.

Lucie Hartfield

Occupational Therapist