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4Front 2 HD

The 4Front 2 HD is the next generation of the 4Front Powerchair – in a Heavy Duty product design! Smart Traction Control (STC), along with Smooth Ride Suspension (SRS), provide stability for smooth obstacle transitions and unmatched driving performance. Additional new features include Linak 4-pole motors coupled with 70Ah batteries for true performance under load, and redesigned caster arms provide improved durability.


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Parts and Additional Information


4Front 2 HD TB3 Reac Lift & Tilt Kit 16-20W 16-18D

4Front 2 HD TB3 Reac Lift & Tilt Kit 16-20W 16-18D

Kit Code: PKREAC1620W1618D4FR2HD

Kit Components
1 x PRIDESET124001 (A)
TB3 Seat Pan 16x20W X 16x20D

2 x PRIDESET123691 (B)
TB3 Seat Frame Side Rail 16-20

1 x PRIDEMEC144774 (C)
TB3 Reac Frame Depth Adjustable 16-20

4 x PRIDEMEC144370 (D)
TB3 Tilt Frame Width Adjustable 16-20

8 x PRIDEHDW147703 (E)
Screw BHSCS Black Zinc M6 1.0 X 20MM

4 x PRIDEHDW121242 (F)
Screw BHSCS Black Zinc M6

 1 x PRIDEMEC153443 (G)
Reac 10IN Lift Tilt Cassette 16 Sec

1 x PRIDEMEC1612385 (H)
TB3 4Front Reac Interface 14-18D

1 x PRIDEDGN1800061 (I)
4Front Reac Side Cover Back in Black

Note: Kit components are available to order separately.