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CTM  |  SKU: HS268BU9

CTM HS-268 Mobility Scooter

$8,534.00 INC GST

Available for purchase through our partner stockists. View our stockist page to find your local stockist. The CTM HS-268 is a unique compact folding scooter that doesn't require any manual folding. With a simple push of a button, the scooter auto-folds making it that much easier for you to use, store away and pack into a car for transport. With modern touch-screen controls, driving the scooter is super simple with a few speed options available. The scooter is only 30kg, making it easy to lift into car boots, onto public transport or put away.

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Click here to find your local stockist for this product. We highly recommend purchasing CTM Mobility Scooters and Powerchairs through a stockist to ensure you find the best solution for you and receive post-sale support. If you do not have a stockist near you, please reach out and we can advise you of your options.

The CTM HS268 is a great travel scooter and can be taken on a plane, cruise ship and public transport. It comes in a sleek sky blue colour, making sure you're looking great out on the streets! Check out the video tab to see how the scooter auto-folds and unfolds.

Key Features:

  • Maximum speed: 8kmph / 5mph
  • Capacity: 115kg / 255lbs
  • Touch screen controls
  • Remote controlled auto folding
  • LED Headlights and brakelights
  • Grade Climbable: 6 degrees
  • Curb Climbing: 40mm


User Weight Limit 115 kg
Motor Type 250W
Battery Size 24V 11.6Ah
Maximum Speed 8 kph
Range Up to 20 km
Total Product Length Folded: 780mm | Unfolded: 953mm
Total Product Width Folded: 500mm | Unfolded: 500mm
Total Product Height Folded: 510mm | Unfolded: 960mm
Ground Clearance 43 mm
Turning Radius 1120 mm
Seating Padded Foldable
Seat Width 419 mm
Drive Wheels 200 mm front and rear
Total Product Weight 30.6kg / 67.5lbs
Battery Weight 2.8kg / 6.2lbs


How do I choose the right scooter for my height and weight?

Each scooter has a clear list of the manufacturer’s specifications.  Make sure that you compare weight capacities for each scooter you are considering. You also need to consider the overall length of the scooter based on your height. If your height is less than 5’5”, you should consider scooters that have an overall length of 1050 mm. If you are taller than 5’5”, it’s likely you’ll need more leg room so look for larger models that will ensure a comfortable ride.

Can I try before I buy?

Absolutely – like a car, you need to know how each possible option feels like to drive.  All reputable dealers will offer a no obligation trial at your home, which allows you to test drive it in the environment that you will be using it in. Another option is to visit your local shopping mall and try one of the rental ones that they have available.

When testing different models make sure that the controls are easy to see, reach, grip and use for long periods.

Are there any ongoing maintenance costs for a scooter?

Like a car, we suggest regular maintenance between every six to twelve months, depending on how often you use your scooter and how far you drive it. Batteries and tyres are the two parts that do need replacing. Specific replacement timeframes for these depend on how much the scooter is used and if it is charged regularly whilst following the manufacturer’s recommendations.

How do I charge a scooter?

Each scooter comes with a battery charger that plugs into the electrical socket in the wall and then plugs into a charging point on the scooter. It is very easy to do - just ask to be shown this as part of your scooter demonstration.

Are there scooters that I can travel with or take in the car?

There are a number of scooters that can easily fold up or disassemble for transport – either in a car or to take on a plane. Generally these are a smaller style of scooter which may not be suitable if you are a larger person.

What is the difference between a scooter and a powerchair?

Please see the table below, which outlines some advantages of using a powerchair or scooter.

Do you need to have a driver’s license to drive a scooter?

No - you don’t need to have a license to drive a scooter and in fact it is really common for many people to start using scooters when they lose their license due to old age or ill health. It is important to ensure you are driving safely and if you have visual, perceptual or learning difficulties, you should seek medical advice before considering purchasing a scooter.

Can I get funding to help me purchase a scooter?

You can apply to the Lotteries Grant Scheme for Individuals with Disabilities to request a grant to purchase a mobility scooter (or powerchair). These fixed amount grants can then be used to purchase a mobility scooter of your choice. Click here to go to the Lotteries website where you can complete the form. Our dealers are also very familiar with this form and will be able to assist you in completing it in case you get stuck.

Is there anywhere that I shouldn’t take my scooter?

Scooters are not generally designed to be taken off road or to the beach. Sand, water and excessive mud have the potential to damage the motors and gears and also will void any warranties.

Also be aware that slopes, kerbs and rough ground can make your scooter unstable. Make sure you know what it can handle and also be aware of how well balanced you are when driving.

What happens if my scooter breaks down when I am out and about?

We recommend all Mobility Scooter users have an AA Roadside Assist membership or equivalent. This ensures that if something goes wrong, one of their team (or a subcontractor) will get you and your scooter home safely.

A final word of advice – once you have purchased a scooter, make sure that you get it insured to cover it against theft, accidents and third-party claims. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Where can I buy replacement batteries?

We hold stock of commonly used batteries. Please email helpis@alliedmedical.co.nz or call 0800 31 61 31 with the battery type you need along with the mobility scooter model and one of our team will be able to advise price and stock availability. If we are unable to supply the required battery you can also contactBattery Town, a nationwide supplier of batteries for our scooter range. 




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