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Premium 8" Heavy Duty Rollator

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Experience top-tier mobility and independence with the Premium 8" Heavy Duty Rollator, featuring a durable frame, large wheels, and a sleek charcoal finish for both comfort and style.

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Experience unmatched mobility and support with the Premium 8" Heavy Duty Rollator, a top-of-the-line walking aid designed for robust assistance. Crafted with high-quality materials and a sleek charcoal finish, it offers a comfortable, secure, and convenient solution for maintaining your independence and mobility.

Key Features

  • Heavy-Duty Construction: Durable frame supports higher weight capacities.
  • 8" Wheels: Large wheels for smooth movement on various terrains.
  • Comfortable Seat: Padded seat for comfortable resting.
  • Adjustable Height: Customizable handle heights for optimal posture.
  • Ergonomic Hand Grips: Designed to reduce hand strain.
  • Convenient Storage: Spacious under-seat storage bag.
  • Safety Features: Reliable braking systems for added security.
  • Foldable Design: Easily foldable for storage and transport.

Enhance your mobility and independence with the Premium 8" Heavy Duty Rollator, designed for quality and functionality.


User Weight Limit 200 kg
Total Product Weight 8 kg
Total Product Length 690 mm
Total Product Width 620 mm
Height Adjustment Range 830 - 950 mm
Seat Width 410 mm
Seat Depth 350 mm
Castor Diameter 200 mm
Floor To Seat Height 550 mm


What should it be made of?

Most modern walking sticks are made of aluminium as it makes them lightweight and very durable. They also have height adjustability, using a telescopic design with a loaded spring to secure the stick at the desired height. Walking sticks are also available in a folding style with a variety of different patterns and colours.

Wooden walking sticks have been around for a long time and are both strong and durable; however they need to be cut to the specific height. They are not adjustable after being cut to length. If this is the type that you would prefer, it is recommended that the walking stick is cut and modified conservatively to achieve the optimum height.

What type of handle is best?

There are a number of different handle styles – each with a different purpose.

Crook or Hook Style Handle: This is a more traditional style of walking stick handle, which is easy to hang over a chair or forearm when not in use. The handle can be difficult to grasp for clients with hand pain or discomfort. This type of walking stick is not ideal if a lot of weight is to be distributed on to the walking stick.

Standard T Handle:This is a common feature on folding walking sticks, and provides a comfortable handle. The shape of the grip allows the thumb to wrap around the front of the stick and the back of the grip allows the hand to rest on it.

Ergonomic Handle: This handle can reduce the pressure points on the hand by spreading the user’s weight across the palm. It is ideal for frequent use and users who place a lot of weight through the stick. It has a shape that is comparable to the palm of a hand. Ergonomic handles are offered in both left and right versions depending on which side is required. This is also called aFischer Gripas it was developed by an Austrian man by the name of Dr Fischer.

Swan Neck: This term refers more to the design of the shaft rather than the handle itself. This shape means that it has an angled shaft which projects the handle forward. The design of this handle means that when the user puts weight through the handle grip, it goes straight down the cane shaft. This is in contrast to aT- Stylehandle which puts the weight of the user towards the back of the cane and can allow it to slip backwards when being used. TheSwan Neckdesign is most beneficial to clients who tend to place more weight on the walking stick.


When would a quad cane be a good idea?

A quad cane is a type of cane that has four rubber capped feet at its base, which allows for extra support and stability. It can also be free standing which is often an advantage. This feature, however, means that quad cane walking sticks weigh more than standard walking sticks.

What are the advantages of a folding cane?

Folding canes are a great option for clients who always need a cane or are using it away from home and traveling. Simply collapse a folding cane and then unfold it when you arrive at your destination. Folding canes also pack easily in a suitcase or carry-on bag.

What is the right height for me?

Getting the right height cane is really important as it will ensure the best possible stability and support. Whatever style of cane chosen; it is highly recommended that a professional properly measures and adjusts the product to suit. At the right height, it should allow the user to stand with both shoulders level. The angle of the elbow ideally should be between 25 to 30 degrees of flexion.

To achieve the right height, the user is required to stand upright with hands by his/her sides. Once in this position, the distance from the wrist to the floor provides the required walking stick length.

How do I ensure safety and stability when using a walking cane?

It is very important that a good sized rubber tip is placed on the end of any walking stick. It should be 1-2 inches wide in order to ensure adequate traction and safety. The rubber tips tend to become worn out over time and it is recommended to get these checked regularly and replaced once fully worn.

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Great service and prompt replies from Kat to emails. Love working with the team.

Briar Day

Occupational Therapist

Very quick to reply to my questions.

Diane Taylor

Online Customer

Thank you for your prompt delivery. Very satisfied with the item I ordered. 

Marj Jones

Online Customer

Very thrilled with the service and also the prompt delivery of the item I purchased. I would highly recommend this company.

Doreen and Alec Olsen

Online Customer

Jill was fantastic with my client and her mum. She gave us good information and suggestions for moving forwards.

Lucie Hartfield

Occupational Therapist