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Ribcap Navy Extra Protective Kids Cap

$499.00 INC GST

Ribcap's Extra Protective Kids Cap is constructed from high-impact absorbing foam for full protection during any activity and time of day. A removable section on the back of the cap further protects the neck and sensitive areas. The universal kid's size is ideal for most children. Adjustable Y-style straps ensure the right fit is achieved as your child grows.

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Wear your favourite, stylish, and protective Ribcap baseball cap all year round! Ribcap headgear is ideal for your everyday outdoor activities & sporting activities such as golf, camping, hiking, walking, hockey, school activities, and many others too.

Specially designed for your use, Ribcap headgear is functional, protective, fashionable and very comfortable and can be safely hand washed over and over again. Made from premium cotton twill on the outside and a layer of Coolmax for a perfect combination of style & function. This combination provides you with an optimal body climate, ease of wear and maximum comfort.

With unrivaled breathability through the extra ventilation in between the padding combined with the lightweight materials, this protective helmet will not cause inconvenience in the long run.



Small/Medium: 50 - 55cm


Unique features of all Ribcaps:

•    Ribcap is based on a totally new idea: soft protection with style!

•    360° Head Protection

•    Unique - no comparable product on the market

•    Light and comfortable to wear

•    100% breathable

•    Hand washable

•    Foldable for easy storage

•    2 different sizes for a perfect fit

•    Small & medium also fits kids, generally from 5 - 12 years of age

•    Weight: 120g - 200g (depending on size)

Extra features:

•  Includes additional temple and neck support

•  New and improved chin strap – detachable, adjustable, y-shape for improved safety

•  Detachable – back of the head – protection

•  Embroidered logo on the front panel and side panel.

•  Very comfortable thanks to our premium cotton twill

•  Extremely light

•  Elastic sweatband inside

•  Coolmax inside for optimal temperature and moisture management

•  Adjustable size with velcro closing system



Can I use a Ribcap with hearing aids?

Ribcap's design focuses on providing protection for the head, particularly against impacts and abrasions. While wearing a Ribcap, you should be able to use a hearing aid simultaneously. The material is typically flexible and should not interfere with the placement or function of a hearing aid.

How to take care of your Ribcap?

Hand Washing Method:

1. Prepare the Basin:
- Start by filling a basin or sink with lukewarm water.
- Add a mild detergent, steering clear of harsh chemicals like bleach.
2. Submerge and Agitate:
- Gently submerge your Ribcaps into the soapy water.
- Give it a gentle agitating motion to help remove dirt and stains effectively.
3. Soak and Rinse:
- Allow your Ribcaps to soak for a few minutes, letting the detergent work its magic.
- After soaking, carefully rinse your Ribcaps under cool, running water to remove all detergent residues.

Spot Cleaning Method:

1. Soapy Sponge or Cloth:
- Opt for the spot cleaning method by using a sponge or cloth soaked in soapy water.
2. Gentle Scrubbing:
- Gently scrub the soiled areas with the soapy sponge or cloth, targeting specific stains.
3. Rinse with Care:
- Rinse the cleaned areas with clean water, ensuring no soap residues remain.


1. Lay Flat and Pat Dry:
- Lay your Ribcaps flat on a clean towel.
- Gently pat them to remove excess water, being mindful of the delicate materials.
2. Air Dry Naturally:
- Allow your Ribcaps to air dry naturally. Avoid exposing them to direct sunlight or artificial heat sources.

*Important Reminder: Do Not Machine Wash:*
It's crucial to avoid machine washing or tumble drying your Ribcaps, as this could potentially damage the materials.




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