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Stealth  |  SKU: SPESAT030501050

Stealth EPiC Seating

The EPiC Seating System is a groundbreaking solution designed to provide unparalleled postural variation and functional support throughout the day. This innovative system ensures that users can move freely to accommodate essential functions such as pressure off-loading, fatigue management, digestion, respiration, and peer interaction.

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What is EPiC Seating?

EPiC Seating is a Postural Management System, allowing us to introduce movement into a wheelchair seating environment. The system provides the ability to change positions for function while maintaining control of the pelvis, mitigating the opportunity to introduce shear.

Why is this concept so important?

We all move, whether it's at a micro or macro level. We are all moving to accommodate function such as pressure off-loading, fatigue management, digestion, respiration, or peer interaction.

Key Features

Anatomical Pivot Point: Unlike traditional seating systems, the pivot point of the Epic Seating System originates from the client rather than the frame. This design ensures movement occurs above the pelvis, reducing shear and eliminating the need for frequent repositioning.

Tool-less Adjustment: Caregivers can quickly and easily adjust the client's position without needing any tools. The back angle and range of movement can be modified to support optimal function, enhancing both convenience and comfort.

Independent Relief: In its open or active setting, the system allows clients to move through a range of angles independently, finding the postural position that maximizes their functional capabilities. Once the task is completed, the system will automatically return the client to a neutral position without caregiver intervention.


Telescopic Back Mounting Canes: Featuring height-adjustable handles, these canes ensure a perfect fit for each user. The canes are 1 inch (2.5 cm) in diameter, with handle canes measuring 7/8 inch (2.2 cm).

Quick Adjustment Lever: This lever allows for rapid adjustment of the posterior thoracic support angle without additional tools, making it easier for caregivers to provide the necessary support.

Gas Struts: Available in 50 or 100 Newton resistance levels, these struts provide the required resistance to support the client's movement and ensure a smooth return to a neutral position.

Back Fitting: Compatible with any aftermarket backrest, the Epic Seating System allows for a customizable setup. The system also works with 1-inch back mounting hardware.


Effortless Postural Control: The system's design ensures that postural changes can be made effortlessly, supporting various daily activities and improving overall comfort.

Reduced Shear Forces: The virtual anatomical pivot point minimizes shear forces, reducing friction and the risk of skin breakdown.

Enhanced Functional Capability: By allowing independent movement and easy adjustments, the Epic Seating System maximizes the user's functional capability and overall quality of life.

Resistance Levels

50 Newton: Low to Normal Tone
Ideal for users with limited active movement who may also experience posterior pelvic tilt. Used to allow relaxation of postural muscles while providing an articulating posterior thoracic support or to allow for manual adjustment and accommodation of limited active movement or kyphosis without the use of tools.

100 Newton: Low to High Tone
Ideal for users with normal to highly active movement, such as dystonic users who may exhibit an extension pattern of spasticity. Provides an articulating posterior thoracic support which can absorb energy exerted by the increased tone.


  • Compatible with 1-inch back mounting hardware.
  • Adaptable to any aftermarket backrest, considering an additional 2 inches for proper clearance. 

Compatible with the following wheelchairs:

Compatible Frame Width

  • Small: 10in (25.40cm) to 16in (40.64cm)
  • Medium: 16in (40.64cm) to 21in (53.34cm)
  • Large: 21in (53.34cm) to 26in (66.04cm)


Size Small Medium Large
User Weight Limit 113.4 kg (250 lbs) 113.4 kg (250 lbs) 113.4 kg (250 lbs)
Compatible Frame Width 10 - 16" 16 - 21" 21 - 26"


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Great service and prompt replies from Kat to emails. Love working with the team.

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